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6 NEW Shroom Edibles (MUST TRY!)

6 NEW Shroom Edibles (MUST TRY!)

We’re so excited to tell you that we finally have Shroom Edibles by Noot. You have to check them out, they’re effective and great for whatever you’re doing.

These are psilocybin mushroom-infused edibles to be used as a microdose for all the benefits without any of the psychadelic effects.

We have 6 different doses and effects to offer you:

Lemön TëK | 500mg x 10 | 5000mg

Lemon Tek refers to letting your dose of psilocybin mushrooms sit in lemon or lime juice before consumption– essentially cooking them as the citric acid starts to break dow nteh mushroom material.

Purpose: Brain Stimulant. This all-natural formulation will quickly enhance and magnify your existential experience!

sKööBs aka Scooby Snacks | 400mg | 4000mg

The legendary Scooby Snacks that will enhance your mood and mind.

Purpose: Brain and Body Stimulant. This all-natural formulation is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Mushroom Edibles — 4 Flavors — | 100mg or 150mg | 2400mg or 3600mg

– Lucidity | 150MG | 3600MG

Purpose: Immune support.


– Serenity | 100MG | 2400MG

Purpose: Brain Focus, Energy, Memory.


– Clarity | 100MG | 2400MG

Purpose: Brain Focus, Energy, Memory.


– Purity | 100MG | 2400MG

Purpose: Brain and Body Fuel.


Enjoy these incredible treats,

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