Black Friday 15% OFF!

Strawberry Banana


This isn’t a typical email.. we rarely ever do sales like this!

We want rewarding you more for choosing us. We know you have a lot of options and appreciate you.

Use promo code ‘EGM15OFF’ to get 15% off our entire store until the end of the month.

Shop our entire store here now.

Please note, there are a few things you need to know:

– If you’re ordering bulk, please contact us directly and we will give you 10% off (the coupon will not work)
– For our freebie coupons that you usually see, you cannot select those AND the coupon. Just select the coupon and write in your order notes which gift you want for the $250 and $350. There is no gift for the $500 order during this promo.

*Make sure to get your orders in early because we do anticipate delays with Canada Post for Black Friday and Christmas time, especially with COVID.*

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