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Brand New 300mg CBD Cream + 1ml & 3ml Phoenix Tears (RSO)

Brand New 300mg CBD Cream + 1ml & 3ml Phoenix Tears (RSO)

Excited to announce a new partnership with Island Therapeutics. We will be carrying their expertly produced medicine..

Brand new product alert – Island Therapeutics CBD Pain Cream (300mg CBD – 50ml).

CBD consumed orally is metabolized by the liver and gut enzymes, which can cause irritation for some people. Topicals eliminate this first-pass metabolism and improve bioavailability, some products also using enhancers to help the permeants penetrate the skin’s outer layer.

Our exquisite lavender infused moisturizer will quickly melt away your aches, pains and inflammation, while soothing the mind into full relaxation mode. Fast absorbing, this topical product will quickly jump to one of your must haves!


Back in stock – Phoenix Tears aka Rick Simpson Oil (1ml or 3ml)

Made from the finest extracts renowned for its medicinal properties, the heavy indica Phoenix Tear is a pure fully extracted cannabis oil. Also known as “RSO” or Rick Simpson Oil it contains : 412mg THC, 29.4mg CBD, and 27.6mg CBN per 1 ml in an oral syringe package.

Both these fine products are made with the highest quality ingredients for a therapeutic experience.

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