Deep discounts on flower (up to 38% off)

Pacific OG Strain

We have some amazing flowers on sale right now in every single grade AA – AAAA up to -38% off!

Buy some flowers today!


– Bubba Kush AA 77oz
– Rockstar AA 80oz
– Pacific OG AA 88oz
– Pink Gorilla AA 89oz
– Mataro Blue AA+ 99oz
– Gelato AA+ 99oz


– Death Bubba AAA 15% off
– Chemo Kush AAA 15% off
– Platinum Blackberry AAA 120oz
– Platinum Girl Scout Cookies AAA 120oz
– Strawberry Rockstar AAA 135oz


Afghan Sour Diesel

– Afghan Sour Diesel AAAA 15% off
– Shishkaberry AAAA 170oz

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