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MK Ultra AAAA 140oz (COVID Special) + Ayahuasca Purple AAA+

MK Ultra AAAA 140oz (COVID Special) + Ayahuasca Purple AAA+

We are excited to announce another COVID Relief Special, this time
it’s the magnificent MK Ultra AAAA.

Priced again at 140oz, there will be no limit to how much you can order. It
is also offered at 550qp, 950hp and 1800p.

MK Ultra is a 50/50 hybrid and winning strain of High Times Cannabis Cup. It’s sticky,
dense, and pungent. Check out the picture below…

Buy it now.

Additionally, one of our best selling strains ever is back, the
legendary Ayahuasca Purple AAA+. This strain sold in record time and
many were asking for more. It is aesthetically beautiful with strong
purple tones like you’ve never seen (unless you’ve tried it before…).


Buy it here now.

Enjoy these flowers and have a great day.

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