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NEW Purple Monkey Balls AAAA — 3 Flowers 15% OFF — KRAV THC Lolli 10% OFF

NEW Purple Monkey Balls AAAA — 3 Flowers 15% OFF — KRAV THC Lolli 10% OFF

New flower dropped, the incredible Purple Monkey Balls AAAA. We had this a year ago and it sold out instantly. Also, on sale 15% off all quantities are 3 flowers, and KRAV Lollis are 10% off!

  • Purple Monkey Balls AAAA 200oz: Offering a sedative effect on your body, PMBs help you to relax soon after you smoke them. They are excellent for relieving mild to chronic pains, and are also a good solution for anxiety sufferers. Indica-dominant and 18%+ THC.

15% off 3 flowers on all quantities, save up to $248 per lb.

  • Krav Lollis come in 180mg THC (90mg per lolli) and are 10% off in the following flavors:
    – Green Apple PM
    – Lemon PM
    – Grape PM
    – Watermelon AM
    – Rootbeer PM
    – Orange AM
    – Pina Colada AM
    – Watermelon PM
    – Grape AM
    – Strawberry-Banana PM
    – Rootbeer AM

Enjoy the new flower and sweet deals, have a great weekend!

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