Pink Kush AAAA 140oz (read more…)

Hope you’re keeping well and no, that was not a typo. Pink Kush AAAA for 140/oz.

We’re offering another COVID-19 Relief Special to help our loyal community of clients get the absolute best for a great price.

At this price, we aren’t making profit, it is purely for you so if you add something else to your cart, that would be appreciated.

Each ounce is 140 for a maximum of 4 ounces per order. This way, if you’re shopping for personal use or bulk, there is something for you.

If you get the 4oz maximum, you will get 25 dollars off and freebies with your order, too.

This definitely won’t last long since we have a limited supply.

Shop now!

Pink Kush AAAA 140/oz:

Delivers a potent body high that’s very effective as medical treatment. The effects are calming and intensely euphoric, with happiness and a powerful case of the munchies.

Enjoy this special strain!

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