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Dabs consist of extremely powerful concentrates and come in several different forms:

Shatter: A semi-transparent thin sheet of concentrate that looks like amber glass. It is easy to break below room temperature, so be wary.

Butter: Looks a lot like peanut butter and is malleable because of its doughy consistency.

Oil: Also known as 710 or honey oil, this dab type is a thick liquid with an amber or dark gold color. Most oils are vaporized or smoked, but it is possible to eat some varieties.

Live Resin: This typically comes in oil form and is made from fresh plants that did not go through the normal drying process. While some users claim this is the ultimate dab, it is hard to find.

Wax: This crumbly, coarse substance often looks like brown sugar and sometimes resembles earwax in color and consistency.

If you decide to dab, you may have to purchase some extra equipment. While you can use a normal weed bowl for dabs, it is best to buy a specific dabbing rig. When you dab, you are placing a concentrate on a hot surface and inhaling the vapor that is created when the substance evaporates.

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