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Platinum Blackberry AAA (120oz)


Sugar Candy AAA (110oz)


Violator Kush AAA (120oz)


Gelato AA (79oz)


Banana Kush AA (80oz)


Mataro Blue AA+ (99oz)


Ayahuasca Purple AA (70oz)


Rockstar Kush AA (79oz)


Grand Daddy Purple AA+ (110oz)


Sour Blue Glue AA (99oz)


Pacific OG AA (69oz)


Tahoe OG Kush AA (89oz)


Wasabi AA (79oz)


High Voltage Extracts – HTFSE Sauce or PURE Sauce Cartridge (Vape Tip)


Moon Rocks by Pacific Pure


Everest Shatter


Everest Budder


Diamond Concentrates Shatter


Diamond Concentrates Disposable Pen (Distillate, HTFSE or Live Resin)


True North Weed Co. Vape Pen Tips 1ml (15 Strains)


Stone Smiths Slash Concentrate Vaporizer


SleeBD Disposable CBD Vape Pen (Full Spectrum CBD)


Monster Dab M1 – 3 in 1 Vape Pen Oil

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Brightbay Vape Pen Battery and USB Charger (510 Thread)