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Greasy Pink AAAA

(4 customer reviews)

Greasey Pink is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing Grease Monkey with the delicious Pink Kush. This potent bud brings on the powerful effects and highly addictive flavor, flawlessly fusing those of its parent strains. With each rich inhale comes flavors of nutty vanilla and sweet skunky diesel.


The aroma is just as delicious with an earthy pungency accented by sugary skunky diesel with earthy, pine tones. The Greasey Pink high is a creeper, building up behind the eyes before suddenly taking hold. You’ll suddenly feel a slam to the head of euphoric relaxation that lulls you into a mental state of calm and haze while having the euphoric effects of Pink Kush. This effect will quickly become sleepy, easing both mind and body into a completely sedated state that’s calming and relaxing.


Thanks to these effects and its super high 25-27% average THC level, Greasey Pink is the perfect choice to treat conditions such as chronic pain, appetite loss or nausea, insomnia, headaches or migraines, and inflammation. This bud has fluffy tapered forest green nugs with sparse pink hairs and a coating of tiny clear crystal trichomes.


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4 reviews for Greasy Pink AAAA

  1. Avatar


    This stuff just re-arranged my chromosomes.. Unbelievably good! Don’t sleep on this fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    It’s worth the price – treat yourself

  2. Avatar

    ulrickseebold (verified buyer)

    Excellent stuff just too expensivr

  3. Avatar

    matt (verified buyer)

    Very good stuff !

  4. Avatar


    Absolute 🔥 !!

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