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Bud Edibles (THC & CBD) 20+ Flavors

(12 customer reviews)

Bud Edibles are created with the thought of being able to stay medicated on the go in smaller doses. The candies come in a variety of flavours so we are sure you will find the one you like. They are all 25 mg THC or CBD per piece and we recommend starting slow and waiting 45 minutes to an hour before indulging more, as they are very tasty. The are created by infusing premium cannabis distillate or 99.8% premium hemp derived CBD oil. These little sweet treats come in either 150 mg or 250 mg variety packs.


– Variety Pack
– Cola
– Big Foot
– Cherry
– Grape
– Gummies
– Watermelon
– Strawberry
– Peach
– Mixbery
– Banana

– Variety Pack
– Strawberry
– Mixberry
– Gummies
– Watermelon
– Peach
– Big Foot


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Bud Edibles Flavors

Blue Raspberry 150mg THC, Dried Mango 150mg THC, Grape 150mg THC, Mixed Berry 150mg THC, Peach Rings 150mg THC, Strawberry 150mg THC, Banana 150mg CBD, Bears 150mg CBD, Blue Foot 150mg CBD, Blueberry 150mg CBD, Swedish Berries 150mg CBD, Cherry 150mg CBD, Cola 150mg CBD, Mix Berry 150mg CBD, Peach 150mg CBD, Strawberry 150mg CBD, Fuzzy Peaches 150mg THC, Blue Foot 150mg THC, Cola Bottles 150mg THC, Cherry Blaster 150mg THC, Watermelon 150mg THC, Sour Berries 150mg THC, Gummy Bear 150mg THC, Banana 150mg THC, Watermelon 150mg CBD, Variety Pack 250mg THC, Variety Pack Multivitamin 250mg CBD

12 reviews for Bud Edibles (THC & CBD) 20+ Flavors

  1. Avatar


    I did not know what flavour I wanted so I ordered one if each and ate them all .
    I feel the roller coaster slowly reaching the peak babe 🙂

  2. Avatar


    I usually get mary’s but ill be getting these as long as they are in stock.

  3. Avatar


    Super good classic candies! Can sort of taste the distillate when you first bite it, doesnt last longer than the first chew tho.

  4. Avatar


    These gummies are the best. I love that they are vegan and also taste amazing. They work pretty quickly too.

  5. Avatar


    The product was great and it was shipped out to me quickly!! Great company!!

  6. Avatar


    Im so happy i found this product 😭 im a super anxious person and i take these in the morning before work and it really just helps me keep calm. You dont realize it works until you get home and youre like wow, i wasnt anxious today. Its truly great. It also helps that they taste delicious. No weird after taste or anything.

  7. Avatar

    Anya Leibovitch

    My favorite! Delicious and sweet, providing a super easy and comfortable chillness

  8. Avatar


    Works and taste great. Greet product.

  9. Avatar


    Good choice. The product was great and it was shipped out to me quickly!!

  10. Avatar


    These gummies are perfect for relaxing your whole body and mind. I feel that I’m much more relaxed and calm when I do take these. I often use them during stressful times — and they actually work.

  11. Avatar

    sterling ex

    My lover quite loves this candy, its taste is delicious

  12. Avatar


    Certainly has helped knock the pain out in both my shoulder and knee that have had surgery way better than popping Advil like skittles. The gummies are tasty to boot and don’t have a lawn shavings taste like some of the oils.

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