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Build Your Own HASH Ounce (Or More!)

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Build your own hash ounce medley pack (or more)


We have premium hash, bubble hash and kief for you to choose from, each in 7g increments.

The minimum build is 4 units of 7g (1oz).


Step 1: Go through our list of concentrates.

Step 2: Choose at least 4 units (7g) of your favorites (total: 28g) that you would like to try in your medley pack.

Step 3: Once your package is delivered all you have to do is ENJOY.


Hash List:
Diamond Hash

Afghani Hash
Zig Zag Hash
Rolex Hash
Notorious Stamp Hash
– Bentley Fire Hash
Pakistani Hash

Bubble Hash:
Strawnana Bubble Hash
– Crumpets Bubble Hash

Kief List:
Alien OG x White Fire Kief


Maximum 20 are allowed
  • mix and match hash
    This item: Build Your Own HASH Ounce (Or More!)

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1 review for Build Your Own HASH Ounce (Or More!)

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    Great đŸ‘đŸ» choice enjoying new strains

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