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Build Your Own Ounce (Or More!)

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  • Build Your Own Ounce Medley Pack
    This item: Build Your Own Ounce (Or More!)

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Build your own ounce medley pack!


We have 3 grades of exotic BC flower for you to choose from:


Step 1: Go through our list of flowers within each grade below.

Step 2: Choose 8 units (3.5g) of your favorites flowers (total: 28g) that you would like to try in our medley pack.

Step 3: Once your package is delivered all you have to do is ENJOY.


Flower List:

Super Max
Blue Rhino
Bubba Kush
Pink Gorilla


Black Diamond
Organic Purple Dream
Gangster OG
Death Bubba
Pink Kush
Durban Poison
Master Kush Ultra
Chemo Kush
Purple Kush
God’s Green Hulk
Hindu Kush


King Tut
Mendo Breath
Blueberry Cheesecake
Charlotte’s Web
Purple OG Kush
Champagne Kush
El Chapo
Pineapple Chunk
Afghan Sour Diesel
Lemon Sour Diesel
Captain Crunk
Rare Dankness
Black Garlic Breath
Sour Blue
Strawberry Banana

Miracle Alien Cookies X1
Secret Cookie x Kush Mints

11 reviews for Build Your Own Ounce (Or More!)

  1. Avatar


    Love,love,love this option.

  2. Avatar

    Alex Charter

    My absolute GO TO!

  3. Avatar


    Love how simple it is to order a mixed ounce at EG medicinal. Gives me a chance to buy lots of different strain types and qualities for a very fair price point. EGs AAA strains are better than a lot of places quads.

  4. Avatar

    Ken McDonald

    Pretty awesome, love this mix and match!! First order and can’t wait to order again!

  5. Avatar


    You guys should try it for sure ! If you did not , what the frick are you waiting for ? Prices are lower for every eighth and you can try 8 strains if you want !
    Remember free shipping start at 150 bucks , so add an edible if you are about 12$ short 😉

  6. Avatar


    Quand je ne sais pu quoi prendre, j’essaye un peu de tout. La meilleur façon de connaître tout les bon produit de EGM!

  7. Avatar


    Great way to taste everything in store at a good price ! Pretty simple to surf through strains too

  8. Avatar


    used a couple time . its quite a great options to select some 4a and 2a in the same order . it makes the budget looking ppl have a great time tasting multiple strains!

  9. Avatar



  10. Avatar

    Daniel Pacheco

    What a selection 🙌

  11. Avatar


    Love this option. One of the reasons this is my favourite place to order from

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