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Everest Shatter (15+) and Budder (15+)

(26 customer reviews)

Everest Extracts delivers high quality shatter out of beautiful British Columbia.


All Everest Extracts products are lab tested for THC percentages and include a full product description that covers strain genetics, effects, known medical benefits, and parenthood, creating a highly personalized purchasing experience where little is left to chance with the customers getting exactly what they are looking for. Climb the summit!


Shatter is available in 21 strains:

  • Chem Dawg Shatter
  • God’s Gift Shatter
  • Super Pink Shatter
  • Sideral Shatter
  • Tom Ford Pink Shatter
  • Gelato Shatter
  • Tuna Kush Shatter
  • Tropical Truffle Shatter
  • Jack Herer Shatter
  • Golden Pineapple Shatter
  • Blue Dream Shatter
  • Girl Scout Cookies Shatter
  • Black Diamond Shatter
  • Nuken Shatter
  • Rockstar Shatter
  • Gorilla Glue #4 Shatter
  • Pink Kush Shatter
  • Death Bubba Shatter
  • God’s Green Crack Shatter
  • Maui Waui Shatter


Everest Budder available in 16 strains:

  • Rockstar Budder
  • Dank Shroeder Budder
  • Greasy Pink Budder
  • MK Ultra Budder
  • Island Pink Budder
  • Mataro Blue Budder
  • Blue Dream Budder
  • Gelato Budder
  • Girl Scout Cookies Budder
  • Black Diamond Budder
  • Tropical Truffle Budder
  • Gorilla Glue #4 Budder
  • Pink Kush Budder
  • Jack Herer Budder
  • God’s Green Crack Budder
  • Golden Pineapple Budder
  • Maui Waui Budder


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  • 10% off when you select 14
  • 15% off when you select 28


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Additional information

Shatter or Budder

Black D.O.G. Budder, Blue Dream Budder, Cali Bubba Shatter, Candy Apple Budder, Candy Apple Shatter, Cherry Pie Budder, Cherry Pie Shatter, Dank Shrader Shatter, Dank Shroeder Budder, Diamond OG Budder, Girl Scout Cookies Shatter, God's Green Crack Budder, Golden Pineapple Budder, Gorilla Glue Shatter, Greasy Pink Shatter, Island Pink Budder, Island Pink Shatter, Mataro Blue Budder, Mataro Blue Shatter, Maui Waui Budder, MK Ultra Budder, Nuken Shatter, Pink Kush Budder, Pink Kush Shatter, Purple Monkey Balls Budder, Super Pink Kush Budder, Super Pink Shatter, The Black Shatter, Tom Ford Pink Shatter, Tropical Truffle Budder, Tropical Truffle Shatter, Wedding Cake Budder, Wedding Cake Shatter, White Cookies Shatter, Blue Dream Shatter, Chem Dawg Shatter, Gelato Shatter, Girl Scout Cookies Budder, God's Gift Budder, God's Gift Shatter, God's Green Crack Shatter, Greasy Pink Budder, Jack Herer Budder, MK Ultra Shatter, Rockstar Budder, Sideral Shatter, Strawberry Cough Shatter, Tuna Kush Shatter, Zombie Kush Shatter, Black Diamond Shatter, Gelato Budder, Gorilla Glue #4 Budder, Master Kush Budder, Space Cookie Shatter, Black Diamond Budder, Death Bubba Shatter, Golden Pineapple Shatter, Gorilla Glue #4 Shatter, Jack Herer Shatter, Maui Waui Shatter, Rockstar Shatter, Violator Shatter

26 reviews for Everest Shatter (15+) and Budder (15+)

  1. Avatar


    Very good Shatter, tasty and freezy!

  2. Avatar


    awesome budder, best budder i got so far, very tasty, fresh taste 🙂
    bought the black diamond one, you can smell the black diamond in that ! I got some black diamonds buds at the same time, the smell is pretty similar 🙂

  3. Avatar


    Passez pas à côté si vous aimez les concentrés de grosse qualité, un peu chère oui, mais wow… la qualité est vraiment surprenante… meilleure shatter que j’ai eu sans hésiter, et j’en ai essayer beaucoup ! Le prix est trop chère par contre c’est dommage…

  4. Avatar


    Ive been using this site for about 6 month now and let me tall ya something …. from a heavy smoker who like quality shit…. These guys know what they are doing

  5. Avatar


    J’ai essayé le Violator shatter et le Space Cookies shatter. Tout deux des buzz et des arômes de grande qualité. J’ai particulièrement aimé le Space Cookies, qui me donnait plus envi de socialiser que de faire la patate sur le couch.

  6. Avatar


    Every shatter and budders i have tried where clean and potent.

  7. Avatar


    Decent shatter, some of them do taste like chlorophyll. Overall excellent quality vs price ratio, I recommend it!

  8. Mistweaver


    Amazing. Best blend of potency and terpenes I’ve encountered in a while! Tried the Blue Dream, the White Widow, and the Maui Wowie. The Maui had the best flavor–citrussy, delicious. But all of them are utterly fantastic. Will definitely be ordering again.

  9. Avatar

    Alexandre Larocque

    Jack herer = paradis ! C’est intense comme buzz par exemple

  10. Avatar

    Andrew Li

    This stuff looks super killer. Nice and clear, glossy, and sticky. Put it in the freezer for 30 seconds so you can break it into pieces. I got the 3 for 98 deal. So I got a violator kush, mk ultra, and a Jack herer. The mk ultra didn’t taste that great. I tried it in my quartz bucket and the quartz enail. Same weird burnt taste. It’s super clean tho. Not as potent as I thought it would be. The Jack herer hit me harder for sure. The Jack herer tastes good. It’s quite potent. The violator tastes good and is super kill. Hits hard makes you coff good. I’ve been looking for a good shatter, and finally I’ve found one.

  11. Mistweaver


    The Tahoe OG budder was incredible. Tastes like flowers, almost no residue on the banger, and great price. Only issue is that it’s a little bit hard to handle without a scoop or knife tool.

  12. Mistweaver


    Holy crap, the Gorilla Glue #4 is one of the best shatters I’ve ever tasted. Some of them blend together but it stands out as being ultra flavorful and ultra potent. Tends to be very hard and easy to accidentally send shards flying though in the winter so store it in silicone instead of glass (don’t be like me!)

  13. Mistweaver


    Neither the Tuna Kush nor the Space Cookies was anything to write home about flavor-wise, although the color and quality continue to be excellent. If you’re looking for flavor I would strongly recommend the Maui Wowie (sativa) or Gorilla Glue (indica) as alternatives.

  14. Avatar


    1st time trying the everest juicy fruit shatter.
    Shatter looks great, brittle, 1 solid slab.
    Taste similar to the juicy fruit gum. I’m guessing that’s where the name comes from.
    Solid 7/10 for potency. Daytime usage. Would recommend.

  15. Avatar


    1st time trying Everest budder & super pink kush strain.
    Everest budder is the bomb. amazing looking honeycomb budder. The super pink has a strong thc smell. Very flavorful when vaped in my puma mini pen.
    Solid 9.5/10 for potency. Only needs a small dab or 2 for complete bliss & europhia. Great for insomnia. Puts ya down for the count quick.
    Would definitely recommend the everest super pink budder & any everest budder strain for that matter

  16. Avatar


    1st time trying the everest GG#4 strain.
    Great looking shatter.. solid slab. Pull and snap. Very unique taste. Great hybrid. Very potent like you would EXPECT when dealing with GG#4.
    I have had gg#4 shatter strain a few times and this one definitely has different effects then others I have sampled.
    No couch lock wit this beauty. True hybrid IMO!
    Definitely recommend everest gg#4

  17. Avatar


    1st time trying the Maui waui strain of any kind.
    Very flavorful, was expecting more of a sativa energy buzz wit this one but the effects were more on the hybrid side IMO. Solid 4.5/5
    Would purchase again. Definitely recommend.

  18. Avatar


    1st time trying ATF strain of any kind. Unique flavor, very tasty. Great looking shatter. Solid slab. Mine weighed 1.2g
    True sativa effects. Focused and energizing. Solid 4.75/5
    Will be purchasing again..definitely recommend.

    Everest shatter & budder is a must try for anyone who hasn’t tried it yet.

  19. Avatar


    Everest Greasy pink budder is amazing.. bright honeycomb budder, Potent. Taste just like other greasy pink concentrates I have had before.
    True greasy pink heavy indica effects. Great for insomnia or lost of appetite. Solid 4.75/5
    Would purchase again & definitely recommend.

  20. Avatar


    Blue dream was nice and tasty

  21. Avatar


    Quality got better, clearer shatter but I do find the terps/potency is a bit low for my own preference (rockstar and violator). Worth the purchase though, and they do offer interesting varieties.

  22. Avatar


    Good choice. Every shatter and budders i have tried where clean and potent.

  23. Avatar


    I’ve tried other shatter but nothing comes close to the Everest shatter!

  24. Avatar


    The taste is quite unique. I’ll buy them even more !!!

  25. Avatar


    Got the tropical truffle and gelato. Both are impressive, the tt really wowed me with its fruity taste. Clear shatter, burn clean, 100% recommended.

  26. Avatar


    J’ai essayé plusieurs budder. Tous aussi bon un que l’autre. Je préfère le Shatter

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