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High Voltage Live Resin & Sauce

(5 customer reviews)

Live Resin Sauce is created via a similar process to shatter, with the differences being that it is made from fresh rather than dried cannabis, and each step of the concentration process is carefully timed so as to not lose any of the flavorful terpenes from the cannabis.


Live Resin:
– Animal Cookies Live Resin
– Blue Cindy Live Resin


Live Sauce:

– Scout Master Sauce
– Black Domina Sauce
– Mangobiche Sauce
– Blue Dream Sauce
– Blue Guava x Death Bubba Sauce
– Blueberry OG Sauce
– Mangobiche Sauce
– Wedding Cake Sauce


Raw means NEVER frozen, freshly harvested flower extract. Experience a full bodied effect & flavour true to the flower. High Voltage’s artisanal approach yields a balanced ratio of terpenes and cannabinoids similar to what is found in the plant naturally. Incredible taste and high.


**If you are getting a mix-and-match medley, please indicate your strain selection in your order notes**




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High Voltage

Animal Cookies Live Resin, Black Cindy Live Resin, Black Domina Sauce, Black Fire Live Resin, Blackberry Breath Sauce, Blue Cindy Live Resin, Blue Dream Sauce, Blue Guava x Death Bubba Sauce, Blueberry OG Sauce, Coma Kush Sauce, Island Sweet Skunk Sauce, Mangobiche Sauce, MK Ultra x Pink Kush Sauce, Scout Master Sauce, Wedding Cake Sauce, Romulan Sauce, 6 for $285, 3 For $145

5 reviews for High Voltage Live Resin & Sauce

  1. Avatar

    Stephane Lavigne (verified owner)

    This stuff is FIRE! love it. Taste,Smell and high is all there in 1 jar of love 🙂

  2. Avatar

    lewackduweb (verified owner)

    Wow ! I wasn’t ready for that XD This stuff is bomb ! taste and smell sooo good. Very Powerfull buzz !!

  3. Avatar

    ablinetech (verified owner)

    Great quality, the Mimosa is amazing! The sauce is strong af, use with caution hahaha

  4. Avatar

    matt-mar2 (verified owner)

    Bought lemon fire OG sauce… Wow man, awesome, super clean concentrate, it’s almost transparent but with a little tint of yellow.. Smell awesome and taste very good

    Very impressed

  5. Avatar

    Marley (verified owner)

    Bought the Blue Dream an it taste amazing. Solid taste like all the other one. One tip is more than enough even for old school smoker.

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