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Pacific Pure Fat Cat Gummy (200mg – 1000mg THC)

(6 customer reviews)

Pacific Pure’s Fat Cat gummies are handcrafted, fully infused and extremely high dosed. These delicious gummies are meant to send you into an insane state of euphoria. Buyer beware as these are not meant for the faint of heart or amateur cannabis user. Each pack contains one extremely, insanely, caution yellow tape dosed candy in either 200mg, 500mg or 1000mg of THC.


If you do end up greening out,grab a snack and some liquids to help absorb the thc and than just sit back and turn on the netflix because that may be the only thing that will settle you and let god’s little green miracle plant do its job. These are great for managing extreme pain and maintaining one’s sleep.


Pure – Pleasure – Perfection.


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Fat Cat

Strawberry 200, Pineapple 200, Passion Fruit 200, Mango 200, Strawberry 500, Pineapple 500, Passion Fruit 500, Mango 500, Strawberry 1000, Pineapple 1000, Passion Fruit 1000, Mango 1000, Watermelon 200, Watermelon 500, Watermelon 1000

6 reviews for Pacific Pure Fat Cat Gummy (200mg – 1000mg THC)

  1. Avatar


    Gets the job done. Took half mostly cause I find most of these weak and was desperate. Pleasant uptake and eventually deep sleep. First day of period conquered. Stay safe everyone

  2. Avatar


    Omg, these are dangerous. I have taken a quarter and I get really high. They taste is amazing and cannot taste the THC.

  3. Avatar


    I really like them. Its taste is soothing

  4. Avatar


    Passion fruit 500mg is very potent. I cut the Gummie in 4 pieces. Got very baked off 1 piece, roughly 125 mg.
    Great fruity taste with no aftertaste. Great effects. Definitely recommend.
    Love to try the 1000 mg gummie next.

  5. Avatar

    Tommy St-laurent

    Very, very strong. I can’t bring myself to like the taste, but the effect is powerful and longlasting. Took 1/4 of the 500mg and it was too much for me, had to reduce to 1/8.

  6. Avatar


    I taste the thc , still good , took one ,the GF took half one , awesome high euphoria then bed time… or sex time should i say , »following by a great night of rest

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