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Phoenix Tears aka Rick Simpson Oil (1ml or 3ml)

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Made from the finest extracts renowned for its medicinal properties, the heavy indica Phoenix Tear is a pure fully extracted cannabis oil. Also known as “RSO” or Rick Simpson Oil it contains 412mg THC, 29.4mg CBD, and 27.6mg CBN per 1 ml in an oral syringe package.


Start with 1-2 drops under the tongue a couple times per day to determine your tolerance level and gradually increase the dosage over time.


Typically used to treat things like chronic pain, sleep disorders, cancer, and epilepsy.

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Phoenix Tears

1ml Phoenix Tears, 3ml Phoenix Tears

1 review for Phoenix Tears aka Rick Simpson Oil (1ml or 3ml)

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    Outstanding quality! As others have said, a few drops and you’re pretty much guaranteed a great sleep..zzzzz

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