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Sugar Cookie AAAA

Sugar cookie possesses an aromatic sweetness and is an indica dominant hybrid which allows a person to feel relaxed and at ease. The sweetness in the smell of the strain is the most likely source that could have inspired the name Sugar Cookie. It does not belong to the same family as the Girl Scout Cookie, as many people seem to believe.


Its composition and basic structure are entirely different. Actually, the Sugar Cookie is a very famous three ways cross between the Sensei Star, Crystal Gale and Blue Hawaiian. It contains berry, tropical fruit and other similar flavors. Due to the combination of the above mentioned strains it allows the person to experience an amazing high. It makes you calm and lulls you into a deep and sleep.


It is a very pleasant mix of Sativa and Indica which can be used to numb pain in certain parts of the body. Due to the fact that it contains a large variety of strains, it is effective and pleasant at the same time. This is why the Sugar Cookie is never a bad option to go with.

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king sized prerolled, Eighth (3.5 grams), Eighth (prerolled 7 joints), Quarter (7 grams), Half Ounce (14 grams), Ounce (28 grams), Quarter Pound (112 grams), Half Pound (224 grams)


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