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Twisted Extracts Orange Jelly Bomb 1:1 THC/CBD

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Each package of Twisted Extracts Orange Jelly Bomb contains approximately 40mg THC/40mg CBD, enough for 8 standard 10mg doses. The Jelly Bomb is shaped like a Lego block with 8 raised nibs. These nibs make it easy to cut the edible into 10mg doses. This dose has been set as the standard THC dose in Colorado.

They will leave you feeling uplifted and nicely lit, while mellowing you softly. The THC/CBD candy has many therapeutic uses due to CBD and the synergistic effect it has when combined with THC. Try a small section of the candy and determine how you feel after an hour before ingesting anymore. 


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3 reviews for Twisted Extracts Orange Jelly Bomb 1:1 THC/CBD

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    Delicious orange flavour. Would maybe prefer if it was pre-cut.

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    Twisted extracts are the first edibles I’ve ever tried and I’ve been ordering them ever since. Definitely one of the best, especially for the price! All flavours and both of the strains are enjoyable.

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    These helped with my husbands leg pain. I thought it worked great in helping me with a peaceful nights sleep.

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