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Herbivores Edibles Watermelon Sours

Herbivores Edibles Watermelon Sours

Herbivores Edibles Watermelon Sours

– 6 candies per package
– 25mg THC or CBD per candy
– 150mg THC or CBD per package

Herbivores Edibles is thrilled to offer a wide range of cannabis-infused edibles & food product without the harsh cannabis flavor! Just the great taste of your favorite snack!

THC: edibles are made using the finest THC distillate to maximize delicious taste and avoid cannabis flavouring. They will leave you feeling uplifted and nicely lit, while mellowing you softly.

CBD: Optimize your endocannabinoid system with the benefits of pure CBD. Ideal for achieving optimal endocannabinoid benefits without any heavy stone-like effects. Edibles can assist with inflammation, fractures, nausea, appetite boosting, Crohn’s, seizures, depression, anxiety and PTSD. This delicious product is 5 different flavours of THC or CBD: Watermelon Sours, Key Sours, Candy Colas, Cherry Sours, or Buzzy Peaches.

Dosage: Take one candy and wait one hour to assess if another one is needed


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